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Parent Information webinar

Parent Information webinar

'Parenting the Tech-Savvy Child ' Webinar
Nowadays technology is everywhere, and from a very young age children
seek to own a mobile phone and be like their friends.
As parents we often struggle to manage and regulate the influence of
technology on our children’s lives and we fear it may have a negative
effect on their well-being.

We know we need to negotiate boundaries and limits with our children,
but often we feel ill-equipped to do so.
Join me on Thursday 12th October at 7pm for a talk to explore key areas
and issues to watch out for when our children begin to use technology.

In the Webinar I will describe key issues to be aware of as parents, and I
will share some tools and exercises to help our conversation with our
children so that we agree suitable boundaries and expectations.
The Webinar will also give me an opportunity to introduce the Parenting
the Tech-Savvy Child programme, which is aimed at helping the joint
systems of family and school guide our children as they navigate the
challenging new world of technology.
Places are limited so please register asap

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