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The Cairde are a group of Transition Year students who work closely with, guide and support our 1st year students in the school. The primary role of the Cairde is to ease the transition from primary to secondary school for all 1st years.Initially the Cairde play a key role in supporting 1st years on Induction Day, helping them to become familiar with the school and the day to day life of a student at Clonaslee College. In late August and September, the Cairde help to ensure that 1st Year students are organised for classes, get familiar with their new surroundings, know they have a person to connect with and help them settle into post primary school.


The Cairde organise and participate in many activities to ensure they are happy, comfortable and safe. They play icebreakers with them and show them their lockers and the various classrooms. They also participate in DEAR with them during Literacy week. Cairde are selected at the end of 3rd Year through an application and interview process. This role teaches students about leadership and mentoring. We hope next year to organsie mentoring and leadership training for all our student leaders.



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