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This course aims to develop the artistic awareness, self expression, self-esteem and imagination of the student.

The music course is not entirely about classical music, but covers all types of music, including traditional music, film music, musicals, etc.

Course Content

The course has three main sections:

  1. Composing Skills – music notes, and scales, time & key, signatures, rhythm and melody writing, backing chords, etc. are studied.
  2. Performing Skills – this makes up 30% of the new Junior Cycle. Music exam. Students can play an instrument for this practical exam or they can sing solo or in a group.
  3. Listening Skills – All styles of music are covered, including orchestral works, film music, musicals, songs, and traditional music. Students study a selection of set and choice works and songs. Various aspects of these are examined including style, type of work, instruments played, mood, etc.

Students will get to compose their own music. These compositions will be included in a classroom based assessment (CBA1) in second year. This is known as a compositional portfolio. Their second CBA will be a programme note which they will complete prior to their practical exam in third year.

The final exam consists of a written and listening test which is worth 70% of the subject grade, the practical exam comprises of 30%. At leaving certificate the practical Music exam increases to 50% of the final exam.

Who would this subject suit?

It is not necessary for a student to be able to play an instrument to successfully complete the course, but it does require the student to have an aptitude for and interest in music. Being able to sing can be substituted for a musical instrument.

Type of Homework/Projects/Assignments

Harmony exercises and other written exercises can be given.

Career Note

Music at Leaving Certificate Higher Level is essential for some, but not all music degrees. Music would be a useful (but not essential) subject for students thinking of careers in media, multimedia, film, radio and television, dance, and generally in the entertainment, sports and leisure industries.

Progression after the Junior Cycle

To do Music at Leaving Certificate Level, the student must do Music for the Junior Certificate or have shown an aptitude and have taken grades outside of the school.

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