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Mission Statement, Vision and Future Plans

Mission Statement, Vision and Future Plans

Mission Statement

Our school strives to enforce our mission statement, which states that we aim to develop the full potential of every student in a learning environment where fairness, understanding, success and discipline will be pursued. A strong sense of community is fostered within the school which encourages mutual respect and co-operation among staff, students and parents.

In line with the recommendations in the recent MLL:

the school leadership and staff will

  • Provide RSE to all year groups
  • Comply fully with the SEN allocation model, introduce an SEN core team which will meet weekly and guide staff in the implementation of learning supports that will meet the needs of the students as they arise
  • Continuously review and monitor curriculum provision in the areas of timetabling and planning to maximise learner’s outcomes. The Curriculum provision committee will continue reviewing and evaluating data and feedback from all stakeholders.
  • Staff will share knowledge and expertise in the area of teaching and learning to ensure that planning for lessons allows for meaningful learning activities that facilitate a deeper engagement and promote confident responses whilst building academic resilience, greater provision of formative assessment strategies, including written feedback to students. (SSE focus on improved Formative feedback and PT meetings).
Feb 27
6th year Student Teacher Meeting
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PT meeting (Subject to change)
Mar 18
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