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At Clonaslee College management and staff believe strongly in the importance of involving the three stakeholders in all aspects of school life. Please find details below of the roles needed within the PA. We plan to hold an AGM in April/May 2023, normally held in September but if elected representatives in place ready in advance of the academic year 2023/2024.

Overview Parents’ Association

Clonaslee College is delighted to have traditionally an extremely strong and supportive Parents’ Association (PA). The PA have successfully held annual events and raised huge sums of monies to support the school throughout the years. They have represented the parents’ body at the school.

PA meetings normally take place once a month, however majority of PA’s opt for one meeting a term. The Principal or DP will be present for some of the meetings. It is important that the PA are involved in providing input to all new policies including the Code of Conduct, School Tours, Admissions Policy, SEN policy etc.

It is important that the PA is a partnership that is mutually beneficial to Parents, School and Students. A high degree of trust is important for all parties to benefit. Any points of disagreement can be raised through an organised manner. The Educational/Technical and professional aspects of education belong to the school, not to the parents. The PA does not get involved in the curriculum nor appointment of teachers.

Role of PA:

Represent parents’ interests.

Review school policies

Provide support for school management

Provide a forum for educational discussion and means of communication

Foster educational partnership between home and school for the benefit of the children.

Be a core part of the SSE programme.

Assist with TY, engage with workshops, training being provided.

Introduce/support homework clubs.

Introduce/support book rental scheme.

Assist in the organization of concerts, drama nights, exhibitions.

sporting events,career nights, law education nights etc.

An email for the Parents’ Association has been created:

The PA can promote their work through the school website, at parent nights, PT meetings, create an online newsletter to showcase the work being doing in the school and email minutes from all meetings to all parents.

AGM is held generally once a year in September/October once all parents are given 14 days’ notice. The Principal or BOM rep can attend and present to the parents. At the AGM elections are held for the PA.

  • The Chairperson provides an update on PA activities from the previous year
  • The Secretary provides an update on the work of the Parents’ Association from the previous year
  • The Treasurer outlines the income and expenditure from the previous year

At the AGM an external speaker may present on a particular topic of interest to parents. Parents can be asked to suggest activities and events they would like the PA to organise for the year. Refreshments can be provided.

Roles need to be elected:

The Chairperson (1): Conducts the meetings and ensures all viewpoints are heard. The contact person with school management. Consults with the Secretary on the agenda for each meeting.

The Secretary (1): Records the minutes, informs the membership of forthcoming meetings and agenda for same, writes and receives correspondence on behalf of the association. Supports the Chairperson and takes over their duties if unavailable.

The Treasurers (2): Operates the bank account and are responsible for all monies received. Prepares statement of accounts for each meeting and presents an annual account at the AGM.

Every PA meeting should have a clear agenda and a quorum (minimum of 4 members). At meetings policies can be reviewed, ideas discussed, information shared, activities planned, etc. Any fundraising can be done with prior agreement from the Principal and Board of Management.

Minutes of Meetings:



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