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As part of our well being programme we offer students the opportunity to enhance their physical,mental,emotional and social well being. It also enables students to build life skills and develop a strong sense of connectedness to Clonaslee College. In line with the Junior Cycle Framework we will offer all our Junior Cycle students 400 hours of timetabled well being. Currently students are engaging with well being classes but we are also offering programmes that support the development of the six indicators of being aware, respectful, resilient, connected, responsible and active. One of such programmes we introduced this year for both students and staff was Ayurvedic Yoga.


Yoga is ancient Indian Vedic science and way of life. Yoga is fundamentally different from conventional medical practice and its approach to health care. Yoga aims to treat illness by improving health on all levels simultaneously and restores inner harmony. Yoga also helps prevent the occurrence of such ailments by improving our general health and making us less accident prone. Students of 2nd year, 6th year, TY and staff engage in this mindfulness class once a week with Dr Raju. He tailors the yoga asana (stretchings),Yoga breathing techniques, Bandhas (blocks),Mudras and meditation to suit the students needs. Students are developing ways to cope with the pressures of life.


'If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath' Amit Ray

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