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SSE- School Improvement

SSE- School Improvement

What is SSE?

In order to bring about school improvement in line with LAOS 2022, the SDP (Staff Development Planning) committees this year are:

Digital , School Support, Grade Tracking, SSE and TY review.

The school is also involved in an SEN project with Dr Johanna Fitzgerald of UL.

Data has been gathered last year (2022) in the areas of SEN, Digital (Selfie tool) and T & L.

The SSE committee are currently reviewing this data and will encourage student and parent participation to bring about improvements for this year. They will continue to work on remaining aspects of T & L that was previously selected for self-evaluation. 6th year students will have a meeting with all teachers to receive oral formative feedback after the Mocks (Student teacher meeting), reporting will include formative feedback, Grade tracking project has been set up through SDP and students will be encouraged to engage in peer assessment and learning.

A SIP (School improvement plan is currently being developed by SDP committee) and will be uploaded to the school website in the coming months.

Oct 16
5y & TY PT meeting(Subject to change)
Oct 30
School closed midterm break
Nov 20
School closed in service training
Nov 28
House Exams Christmas
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