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Child Protection

We, at Clonaslee College, are aware of the new Child Protection Procedures for Post Primary schools and Children's First Act 2015. A Child Safeguarding Statement,that outlines the policies and procedures which are in place to manage the risks identified, Risk Assessments, are on display in the Admin block. They are also available to download from the link below.

In a recent staff meeting, March 2019, a Marketplace style workshop was organised on the Child Protection and Safeguarding Inspection. Staff were organised into groups and worked on the four areas of Child safeguarding and Risk Assessment Statements, Circular 0081/2017-Child Protection procedures for Post primary schools, the ten checks to the CPSI, mandated reporting, when and how. Staff created posters which were later left displayed in the staff room on each topic and staff moved around each group being taught by the ‘stall holder’. They reassembled in their groups and discussed the key points. Staff are very aware of their statutory obligations as registered teachers and mandated persons to report any Child protection concerns.

The Children First National Guidance 2017 requires that Tusla should always be informed where a person has reasonable grounds for concern that a child (under 18 years of age) may have been, is being, or is at risk of being abused or neglected.

Reasonable grounds for a child protection or welfare concern include:
• Evidence (e.g. injury or behaviour) that is consistent with abuse and is unlikely to have been caused in any other way
• Any concern about possible sexual abuse
• Consistent signs that a child is suffering from emotional or physical neglect
• A child saying or indicating by other means that he or she has been abused
• Admission or indication by an adult or a child of an alleged abuse they committed
• An account from a person who saw the child being abused

The four main types of abuse: neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse.

If any such concern arises it should be reported it to the Designated Liaison Person(DLP), Suzanne McMahon, the school principal, in her absence to the Deputy Designated Liaison Person(DDLP),John Lee, the Deputy principal.




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